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I work

to rise the value

of person and team

and activate the change

Author, Systemic Team and Group Coach, Senior Facilitator



What can I do for you

Self/Team Leadership Development

Systemic Team
and Group Coaching

New Mindset Adoption
and Cultural change

About me

Different sides of the same “coin”

Partner of numerous organizations in the co-design of cultural change systemic programs, new mindset adoption and development of self and team leadership according to a Transformational-Holistic approach.
Expert in Systemic Team and Group Coaching, emotional intelligence and mentoring, I help C-Level and Executive, HR in the excellent management of interactions and relationships in the company to bring out collective talents and individual wisdom. 


My skills to a common factor

Executive team and group coaching, mentoring, facilitation and training activities for professionals, entrepreneurs, startuppers, teams and national/multinational companies in the luxury, retail, food, consultancy, banking, finance, steel, communication, textile and transport sectors and many others


I carry out New Mindset Adoption and Cultural Change activities, Systemic Team and Group Coaching, facilitation and training alongside national and multinational companies, sector associations, SMEs, start-ups, entrepreneurs and professionals.

I adhere to the International Coach Federation code of ethics, the largest and most important professional coaching association in the world, therefore, for the protection of the clients of which I am a partner, I do not disclose specific information. Thank you in advance if you would like to ask privately for the names of the companies where I have carried out important projects.



The next valuable appointment

"L’interdipendenza nella relazione di coaching: partnership e sinergia."

Are you interested in experimenting and expanding Interdependence in your relationships? Do you want to explore the practical value of partnership and the powerful leverage of synergy? Do you want to see my group facilitation style live?

Do you want to spend two hours of reflection, co-creation and personal growth together? I invite you to contact me to join me and ICF Italia!


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"La Leadership Sinergica"

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"La Leadership Sinergica"

Sviluppare le nuove competenze di coaching
per attivare il cambiamento

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