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The soul knows,
the heart chooses,
the mind plans,
the body performs.

Facilitate to me means to accompany people to confront and generate processes to reach exploration, discussion, and decision-making goals.

Achieve a sense of shared responsibility through listening, mutual understanding and inclusion, thanks to tools such as guided meditation, group coaching, structured interviews and body awareness exercises.


I support HR so they become partners and business tools

I accompany individuals on their journey to experience and recognize their talents, to express their uniqueness and to improve interpersonal relationships. I facilitate workgroups to develop their ability to create innovation in order to shape new work environments.


Someof my beloved projects

"La Forza dell'Identità"
Donne in Movimento

01 – 02 OTTOBRE 2023
Docente-Coach in
Confartigianato, Milano Marittima

"La Leadership Sinergica"
Franco Angeli

CO-AUTORE (2022)
Sviluppare le nuove competenze di coaching per attivare il cambiamento

"La saggezza
del Leader"

Con la collega e partner
Nancy Agnese Zoda

"Doesn’t grow what you sow,
does what you care for"


Moments that involved me

Inspiration and sharing are the ingredients that have enriched my journey as a professional.
A preview of the human experiences that have shaped and given value to my path.



What projects convey

Michele Centemero SVP, Country Manager Italy | General Manager

Congratulations Camilla, your style and professionalism in dealing with such complex issues in such a natural way, is reflected and expressed at its best in the book too!

Enrico Benassuti Sales Director TLC & Digital | Axera Group

I read "La Leadership Sinergic". The "feminine" touch is felt and it’s the “extra something”. What did I like? The approach: direct and oriented towards a clear model and written "without pushing it", also exposing the limits that we all encounter. Innovation: each topic cites the source, offers a contribution or an interview (or both). Personal enrichment: useful for focusing (or refocusing) "the tools". Now the second part: taking it back into hand and making it a product of study and dissemination.

Enrico Zanieri Executive Coach | Trainer for Talent, Manager & CEO

A far-sighted book... happy to have a privileged relationship with you and to be able to regularly exchange reflections on new leadership models!